African Four Horn HISTORY







While travelling in South Africa during the late 90's and early 2000's with clients and friends it was often mentioned that there were four horned sheep in South Africa.  There was also mention of a Merino breeder in another region that had four horned sheep.  While in whatever region mentioned it was never possible to discover a serious link to a specific breeder.  Many also mentioned a Damara type Four Horned sheep kept as a hunting /trophy option in game park businesses throughout the country. Again the sheep always seemed to be in a different area.

  Some time later  a mutual stock agent friend from Douglas in South Africa emailed William Marshall of KI rare Breeds Farm to advise that he had a game farm client that was selling all his four horned game sheep.  The info was passed on the Genelink and a donor group were purchased. For the donor group four horned rams and ewes with four buds were selected.  Ewes in the donor flock were mostly polls with some having a scur.

This group were eventually quarantined at Ramsem Bloemfontein and embryos collected for implant in Australia.

After a preliminary breeding program on a property At Parilla in South Australia the resulting progeny were dispersed to syndicate partners.

In 2016 there are Four breeders with gene groups, selection by each breeder is somewhat different with two breeders selecting for a Meatmaster type (cleanskin) with a good carcass (meat being the byproduct of any breeding enterprise) Rare Breeds farm is Selecting for a more Damara type (cleanskin) and another breeder developing a British/European type with some wool.

The Genelink Four Horned sheep is a meatmaster type.


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